The Washington Council

The Washington Council

The Washington Council for High School-College Relations operates for educational purposes, and is organized to assist all Washington state students to access and engage in post-secondary opportunities at its member institutions.

Washington Colleges and Universities

Washington Community and Technical Colleges

Links to all 34 community and technical college websites

Community and technical colleges program matrix:  This matrix provides a wide variety of professional-technical training programs offered by Washington's community and technical colleges. The matrix shows general program areas and not the specific titles used by the colleges.

Independent Colleges of Washington

Independent Colleges of Washington (ICW) is the association of the 10 private, liberal arts, nonprofit colleges in the state. ICW's member institutions share a commitment to high-quality, academically rigorous learning and to an education that emphasizes critical thinking, lifelong learning, ethics, leadership, and community service.

Affiliated Agencies and Associations

Links to Useful Websites (Provided by the SBCTC) - Discover your career interests, explore your education options, and find the Washington state community or technical college that best meets your goals.

Washington Career Bridge (Provided by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board) - Matches each job with education and training programs offered throughout the state. See at a glance the cost of tuition, books and other fees, the location and length of training, entrance requirements and more. Also the new home of the Eligible Training Provider (ETP) List.

The - A clearinghouse that will match state-based scholarship providers with students who either plan to attend college in the state or who are Washington residents planning to go to college elsewhere.

ReadySetGrad - An online resource to help ensure every student in Washington State has access to tools, information, and support they need to graduate high school and make college accessible and affordable.

Welcome to Washington Council

Welcome to the Washington Council for High School-College Relations (WCHSCR) website. The Washington Council operates for educational purposes, and is organized to assist all Washington State students to access and engage in post-secondary opportunities at its member institutions. If we can be of service to you in your work with students, please contact any our Executive Secretary or any of our Board Members at

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